Dedicated to Delivering Optimized Non-GMO Soybean Ingredients

US Nisshin Shokai is a USA-based trading company that specializes in meeting the demand for safe and secure non-GMO soybean ingredients. Our focus is to partner with identity-preserved non-GMO soybean suppliers and processors in the United States and Canada, and deliver optimized products to global food manufacturing companies. From supplier to food manufacturer, US Nisshin Shokai manages the complete supply chain management process.

Technical Support for Your Specific Application

As a division of Nisshin Shokai Co., Ltd. in Japan, US Nisshin Shokai brings years of experience in the use of soy ingredients to a variety of applications including soy sauce, tofu, miso, natto and more. Our knowledge in soy-based food product development allows us to provide unrivaled technical assistance to our food manufacturing customers. From bean selection to processing assistance, this unique value-added support helps our customers deliver high-quality products to market.

Quality Assurance at Every Level

US Nisshin Shokai aligns with some of the leading non-GMO soybean suppliers in the United States and Canada to provide our customers with the best identity-preserved non-GMO soybeans and soybean meal available in the market. From farm to shipment, US Nisshin Shokai carefully inspects our suppliers’ operations to ensure quality, safety and consistency.

Our representatives often visit the farms that grow our soybeans so we can see first-hand that the food-grade soybeans are being grown to our specifications. We also visit the storage and processing facilities of our suppliers to secure the quality of the products we purchase for our customers. Our involvement with the soy ingredient industry also includes working with soybean research laboratories to deliver the specific traits our customers require.

Committed to Non-GMO and Organic

US Nisshin Shokai is dedicated to supplying high-quality food-grade soybean ingredients to help our customers satisfy the consumer demand for non-GMO and organic food products. To further assist our customers in addressing changing consumer needs, US Nisshin Shokai welcomes the opportunity to supply the necessary tests and documents to help them get their end products certified or verified. Please contact us to discuss your specific certification requirements.