Optimized Soybean and Corn Ingredient Solutions

US Nisshin Shokai is a USA-based trading company that specializes in meeting the demand for Non-GMO and Certified Organic soybean and corn ingredients. Partnering with identity-preserved product suppliers in the United States and Canada allows us to carefully inspect our suppliers’ operations from fields to shipments, to ensure quality, safety and consistency.

US Nisshin Shokai, an official USDA Certified Trader, supplies our food manufacturing customers with USDA Certified Organic products, and we also support the Non-GMO Verified Project and gluten-free certification. Our company works very closely with these sources, so that we are very experienced with the certification process. We welcome the opportunity to assist with the verification or certification of our customers’ food-grade soybean and corn products.

From supplier to food manufacturer, US Nisshin Shokai will manage the entire supply chain management process. We believe in having a consultative relationship with our customers, to establish a true relationship that answers your food-grade soy and corn needs and produces superior results.